Elizabeth's Art News 

“SquaredAlumni Exhibition”  I am pleased to announce that I have once again been invited to exhibit in the SquaredAlumi  show at Arc Gallery! ​SquaredAlumni brings together eight of the most popular alumni from previous FourSquared exhibitions at Arc in support of local non-profit organizations. Full color catalogues are available at the gallery, $20.


“”Bound and Unbound V: Altered Book Exhibition "  Currently on view  at the University Libraries, University of South Dakota, is a piece from my Fleur De Livre series, “Where is Truth”. The show is on view from August 27th, 2019, thru January 3rd, 2020….if anyone finds themselves passing through Vermillion, SD!​


 I arrived at the opening reception for the Urban/Rural show at the STUDIO Gallery March18th to find a big red dot next to my Graphite Pencil Drawing of the iconic “Bimbo’s 368” nightclub - The best part of the story is that it was purchased by one of the famed “Dolphina” also known as “Girl in the Punchbowl” girls from the 1960’s – can’t think of a better home for the piece than a place on her walls!

At the gallery's invitation, I will be replacing it with the original graphite and colored pencil drawing of the soon to be demolished “Grubstake” diner as well as a new  altered book from the Word Garden series, “This Place Because", inspired by our fair city.

“Heart of Brownness”, an altered book from the current Spectrum of the Heart series, was featured in the juried Artspan 2018 Auction and I am pleased to announce sold for 50% over the asking price.

The “Yosemite Renaissance 33” show continues at the Yosemite Museum Gallery – at the opening reception on February 24th, 2018 I was thrilled to be awarded a second place prize for my Altered Book / Word Garden piece, “The Sublime Bewilderness of Yosemite”, made especially for the show!