Dissected Library: Altered Books Jewelry

To Be Young

As is often the case, the jewelry evolved out of a sense of play. In the course of making the larger altered books, I ended up with lots of bits and pieces - of words, pages & covers - which I eventually worked into a unique collection of necklaces that are fun, wearable and another platform for recycling words and books.


The “beads” for these necklaces come from book parts: stacks of pages formed into blocks, strips of  pages rolled into cylinders, shapes cut out of the cover boards and thin slices of books with the pages fanned open – they are strung on hemp, cotton or bamboo cord with either a “lobster claw” or lanyard closure – glass beads add color and texture -  lastly, I often add fragments of poetry created from culled words  – they can be worn reversed as well with some having poetry on both sides.

The Mind

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