Words Are Like Leaves Are Like Ideas

I created an altered book quartet titled “Words Are Like Leaves Are Like Ideas” for this SquaredAlumni 2019 exhibition. As part of my ongoing Note To Self series, they incorporate mirror shards alongside a grouping of word/phrase fragments, a kind of found poetry if you will. The words are cut out of the book itself and pasted into new contextual relationships. My aim is to form opportunities for unexpected thought/word connections while offering glimpses of a refracted/reflective view of oneself and ones surroundings.

I often incorporate leaf shapes into my altered books for a few simple reasons – I like the shape, book pages are called leaves, and trees are the source of paper. I’m also attracted to the leaf’s symbolic roles, as part of the tree of knowledge, for example, along with its complex natural role such as transforming light into energy.

In relation to my personal artistic process, I aspire to achieve a balance that hovers along the edge where intention and serendipity meet. Where I can conceive of a creative path ahead while remaining open to an evolving destination – a path not dissimilar to that of a leaf as it falls from the tree. 

"Squared Alumni" Exhibition

OPENING RECEPTION:  Saturday, September 7th, 7-9PM

ARTISTS TALK & CLOSING RECEPTION: Saturday, September 28th, 12-3PM
EXHIBITION:  September 7-28, 2019

Arc Gallery & Studios
1246 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94103